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Rental of autonomous equipment from lithium batteries where we share zero CO2 emissions and zero acoustic emissions.

- Autonomous 5kW storage equipment
- Autonomous 20kW storage equipment
- Solar panels for real-time recharging/use *possibility of connecting 5kW groups to a network


- Management of the implementation of this technology in the projects.
- Management of the raider to cover each project from the real need and the contracted teams.
- Reports and justifications of carbon footprint, relationship between fuels fossils and solar energy.
- Global sustainability plan for your project.
- Development of projects in the territory from the atomy of this technology.
- Management of permits, certified reports, social impact reports, economic and ecological aspects of each project.


- Customized development for the cultural industry, with several avenues of research and development of batteries, plates and hubs. Versatile and reliable tools that can cover any project, adapting to its energy requirements, location and duration

Cultural and educational projects

With this project we want to make people responsible for the creation, distribution, management or programming of cultural projects aware of the potential of this technology. Count on us to transform the territory from culture, programming and its artists.

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